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About Us

Shanghai Grui Outdoor Sports Facilities Technology Co., LTD. A well-known company providing high quality outdoor sports facilities. Our products and services cover all types of outdoor activities and places, including parks, beaches, mountains and more. Whether you like hiking, camping, biking or water sports, we can provide you with the most suitable equipment and guidance.

In addition to abundant outdoor sports facilities, we also actively carry out various social activities to provide a platform for people to communicate and interact. Whether it is organizing team building activities, social gatherings or cultural and artistic exhibitions, we can tailor our solutions to your needs and provide professional services.

As a quality-oriented company, we have strict requirements for the quality and safety of our products. All equipment is carefully selected and regularly maintained to ensure it is always in top condition. We have an experienced team of employees who not only have the professional skills and knowledge, but also provide personalized service and advice to meet the needs of our customers.

In addition, we are committed to reducing the cost of living so that more people can enjoy the outdoors. By working with our suppliers, we can provide affordable products and services while maintaining high quality standards.

We believe that outdoor sports are a healthy and beneficial way to engage in activities that promote physical and mental health and interpersonal communication. We look forward to working with you to create a better outdoor world!

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