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What problems and reasons are prone to occur in thetrack rollers?


What problems and reasons are prone to occur in the track rollers?

(1) The wheel body is worn. The reason for this situation is that the steel used is unqualified or the hardness of the material is low during heat treatment, and the wear resistance is insufficient;

(2) Oil leakage. The supporting track roller shaft is constantly rotating through the bushing, and the wheel body needs to be lubricated with oil, but if the sealing ring is not good, it is easy to cause oil leakage, so that the shaft and the bushing are easy to wear without lubrication. make the product unusable. The reasons for oil leakage are as follows: 1. The floating oil seal is unqualified; 2. The circularity of the product shaft sleeve is not enough; 3. The glossiness of the support shaft is not enough; 4. The gear oil is not up to standard; 5. The processing size tolerance and so on. All of the above problems will cause oil leakage from the track rollers.


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